A Short Outline of The History of William Jefferies
by Murray Jefferies, 11th son.

Born in Goodeaves, Somersetshire, England March 8, 1831.  His father's name was William Jefferies; his mother's maiden name, Lita Flower.  He was the second of six children.  His grandparents, George and Elizabeth Clark Jefferies.  His maternal grandparents, were Edward and Sarah Adams Flower.

His mother died on January 12th, 1842, so you see he was hardly 12 years old at the time, and it was according to his writing, necessary for him to help with expenses, so to work he went as it was a struggle for existance.  He had various jobs, earning 36 cents per week, 1/3 of that abount went for lodging and washing 2/3 for food and clothing.  (Just think, 36 cents a week!)  Later on he worked as mason tender at 60 cents a week.  Then into the coal mines, boarding out, being called to work at 2:00 in the morning to walk quite a distance to work night and morning, thus not seeing daylight except on Sunday; working this way for years.  then on a farm, where he had an accident huring his knee which put him back in funds.

At fourteen years of age, he worked in a shoe factory for a while, then in a blacksmith's shop.  Then six months in Wales in Iron Work.  About this time he heard a little of Mormonism.  He returned to England and obtained employment in a Locomotive Works where he had a accident which cut off fingers and part of the thumb of the left hand, but he resumed work at the locomotive works.

Around June 1856, while associating with Latter Day Saints occasionaly, he became more interested and attended a certain meeting at which the spirit of the Lord rested upon him strongly and at this meeting the President of the conference delivered a sermon and prophecy which filled father with the Spirit of God and nearly raised him off his seat.  At the close of the meeting, the President of the meeting met him and said, "You are called into the Church by revelation, when do you want to be baptized?"  Father said, "Right Now," and it was done.  At this, the adversary tried to afflict him and destroy him, but being administered to by the Elders, he was made whole and the trial passed away.  He then received the Priesthood and advanced in it by faithfulness, being called to missionary work, spending about 4 1/2 years therein.  He kept a Journal at that time.  It contains various experiences: the Lord blessed him with power to heal the sick and to convert and bless the people.

He was married to Mary Frances Ould on April 3, 1861 then emigrating to Utah.  On this journey he was clerk of the ships company; was storekeeper and bookeeper after landing.

On his arrival in Salt Lake City, Sept. 23, 1861, he was assigned to go to Odgen, but that was changed so that he was sent to Grantsville instead.

The day after his arrival in Salt Lake, it was necessary for him to take the emigration books to the President's office and there he met President Young, and as he shook hands with President Young, father testifies that he received the Holy Ghost from him and the spirit moved to his hand and up his arm as tangibly as though putting his hand and arm into cold water exclaining "I have shaken hands with the Prophet of God!"

At Grantsville he was tithing clerk and occupied other offices both civil and church.  Here is a list of his church appointments: Clerk of the Bristol, England Branch soon after baptism January 4, 1857, assigned as a traveling Elder April 20, 1857, to preside over two districts or conferences December 14, 1857, President of the Wiltshire Conference Dec. 1858, to preside over the Norwich Conference, later March 7, 1860 to preside over that and take charge of a church store at Florence, Nebraska, June 16, 1861, Clerk for Joseph W. Young.  He was chaplain and marshal in the pioneer company after leaving Wood River, Wyoming.  From October 1861, to March 1, 1878 he was a tithing clerk at Grantsville.  Dec 3, 1864, Pres. of the Elders quorum in Grantsville.  Jan. 31, 1869, First Counselor to Thomas H. Clark who was president of the Grantsville ward.  He became president of the ward November 8, 1873 to 1877.  On June 24, 1877 appointed 2nd Counselor to President Francis M. Lyman of Tooele Stake.  On June 26th 1879, a member of the High Council of Tooele Stake.  April 11, 1880,  Supt. of Sunday School in Grantsville.  Jan. 28th 1882 Stake Supt. of Sunday Schools, April 27, 1884, 2nd Counselor in the High Priests Quorum.  July 8, 1888, 1st Counselor to Bishop Collett of Grantsville.  Again appointed 1st counselor in the High Priest Quorum, Jan. 28, 1895.  If I have counted correctly, this make 21 appointments in the church.  I will list now his civil appointments: 1st Postmaster of Grantsville 1878 - 1886.  As a City councilman, Mayor of Grantsville two terms, 1879 and again in 1881.  He assisted in establishing the Grantsville Coop Stor March 1869, as secretary and treasurer and became Manager in 1882, holding this office for many years.

There wer born to my parents twelve children, I was the eleventh child.  Many experiences could be told of father's life.  His integrity, his example to family and associates, but this is to be only a sketch of his life, written for benefit of his posterity who wish to learn something of him as the head or heir.  He died in Grantsville, Nov. 15, 1913.  I would not have you think that clerical work is all that father emphasized.  He owned a good farm and pasturage with some cattle and sheep.  His children were kept busy the year around.  He was highly spiritual and would council like this.  "Pray a great deal and let your prayers take the form of thanksgiving on the assumption that God is giving great and wonderful things, for you think he is, and he surely is.  God will not give you a greater blessing than you can believe in: He wants to give you great things, but even he cannot make you take anything greater than you are equipped by faith to receive."  "Mathew 9:29 - According to your faith be it unto you."  And again I think I hear him say "If you would have everything to come your way, live right and set your mentality upon belief, not disbelief - This applies to temporal as well as spiritual or religeous things, and persist in this thing all your life.  Try to live to obtain and mantain the guidance of the Holy Ghost.  Study and understand elevating principles, those principles that shed light and satisfaction to the mind and heart, and do not forget the words of modern prophets and the full understable andtrue words of the Book of Mormon.  This book is a direct revelation from the Heavens and God placed this book in the hands of men to teach them correct principles for in it is found a fulness of the doctrine of the Gospel."

In all Sincerity, Murray Jefferies.

by Joseph William Olsen, son of Joseph R. Olsen and Mary Francis Jefferes Olsen, daughter of William Jefferies and Mary Francis Ould Jefferies.